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Wendell and Janice were the realtors we dealt with when we were purchased our home. They answered every phone call, answered every question, walked us through the process of purchasing a house! They were very informative and knowledgeable and they know their stuff! If we ever have to move and go through this process again… they are the only ones we will be calling!!

Shannon Daigle & Jean François Duguay



Although Janice and Wendell ultimately did not sell our home, they were very professional and most importantly they both had a sense of humour which is very much needed when trying to buy or sell a house. Would highly recommend them. Very caring when my husband died. Great duo.

Judy Hyde



My wife and I renovated an older home in the city’s north end about 2011. Tried to rent the house but found it too much work. We contacted Wendell and Janice about selling the house and left it to them to organize a plan.They advised MLS and brought a large contingent of Exit associates to view the property.Even with the beginning of the “soft” housing market they successfully marketted the house within 6 months.

Bob and Trina Whipple



Moving back home to Saint John from Nova Scotia as we did was a challenge, as it involved, in a short period of time, finding a duo-family dwelling due to my aging Mom. Wendell & Janice went above and beyond in finding the perfect fit for our family in a great neighbourhood at a reasonable price and their negotiating skills are bar none!! I would and have highly recommended this great team to my friends and acquaintances who have asked “Who can I trust as a Realtor”. They will treat you honestly and fairly and accomplish your goals together. Thanks again Wendell & Janice for a job well done!!.

Deb Edwards



Janice and Wendell were great to work with, they made both selling and buying a home easy. They sold our house in just one day!! What more could you ask for.

Tammy Lambert



Janice and Wendell are the quintessential real estate agents. They bring a collective 20 years+ experience to each and every customer they meet.
Together you know that this team will do whatever it takes to either sell your home or find you your dream-home.
What sets these two apart is their integrity. You know you can count on full disclosure, solid information, with no smoke and mirrors. I have had the benefit of both buying and selling using Janice and Wendell. I rest at night knowing that my most important investment is in good hands. I would not hesitate to recommend these two.

Jamie-Lynn Nassr



In July 2013 we were referred to Janice and Wendell from Exit Realty , as we were disappointed with efforts from another agent and firm to sell our house on Mahogany Terrace over the previous six month period.

We met with Janice and Wendell who offered a fresh approach and had a very up-to date method to marketing our house by developing a slide video of our property with music and commentary.

We signed a new listing from August 1st and the house sold in March 2014. Throughout the process Janice and Wendell were professional, offered timely service to prospective buyers and were in regular contact with us. We would recommend them highly as an effective team to handle any real estate need.

Tom & Gail Gallant



Janice and Wendall not only worked diligently to sell our home, but also helped us to acquire our current home. Our house sold within the first month is was listed. This would not have happened if Janice and Wendall had not worked so hard to make it happen. They communicated through every step of the process. Our experience in partnering with them for our realty needs was phenomenal. We highly recommend that you consider engaging their services as well.

Tom & Darrah Sawyer



We just sold off our house in record time (5 days on market) through Janice Purdy and Wendell Black. This 2-in-1 team was super professional and helped us with right marketing, outreach, right contacts, and some very effective advice on pricing and staging our house. All of which resulted in a very quick and painless sale.

I have two points of advice for anyone who’s planning to buy or sell their house in Saint John area-

1) Look no further, this ‘team terrific’ is the right team for you!


2) Once you got them, listen to them. These guys are the specialists with tons of experience in their field and know all the ins and outs.

Way to go Take2!

Sandeep Singh



I have known Janice for many years…If I had plans to buy…Janice would be my girl!!! Can-Do, Capable and Competent!

Laurie Osburn



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both on behalf of my family for recently selling our parents’ home.

Your efficiency and professionalism were greatly appreciated. As a team you proved to be very easy to correspond with and effective in answering any concerns or questions I had throughout the process.

I especially appreciated your patience during a very difficult family time.

I would certainly recommend your services to any prospective clients in the future.
In addition, I wish to thank you for recommending Richard Albert as our attorney. He was extremely efficient and easy to deal with as well as very compassionate when dealing with our mother.

Thanks again and best of luck with your business in the future.

Betsy Colwell-Burley



Janice and Wendell truly made my home buying experience a breeze. They knew exactly what I wanted after a few viewings. They knew finding my perfect house was going to be a bit challenging as I was looking for something that required minimal work and my price range was also going to limit my options.

They worked quickly to find a good area with a great school for my daughter and a home that we are both extremely happy with. Working with a team of agents provided me with more options and two different angles which ultimately got me the home I truly wanted!!

Mary Neill



There are not enough words to express how Janice and Wendell helped in our home buying/selling experience. We had a very short window to be into a new home as we had transferred from another city! They showed us every listing within our criteria and were more than happy to do so and took the stress out of the situation totally!!!! Then when a year later our home in Moncton had not sold, they reached out to find us a new agent in Moncton and within 3 months our other home was sold!!! In my opinion they truly are a wonderful team that go above and beyond what is expected of your realtor services…they are way above a 5 star rating and I would recommend them to absolutely everyone!!!!!

Lynn & Yama Majid



After years of waiting and hesitating and overall just being frightened of all the “what ifs”, my husband and I were referred to Janice and Wendell to embark on our journey as first time home buyers. The referral came from good friends who were also privileged to have them as agents when they were house hunting.

We were ecstatic to learn that we did not have to go to several agencies to accomplish everything that we needed to purchase a home! We had our agents, our home inspection company, our lawyer, our financer (Who was UTTERLY AMAZING as well) and an insurance agent.

From day one we were set at ease with their professionalism. We were also very pleased to learn that they cared. They actually CARED! They cared that we got the perfect home. They cared that we were in the perfect neighbourhood for our daughter. They were constantly working and in phone contact with us. Their work ethic is beyond the bar.

It didn’t take us long to find that perfect home….and believe me we looked…a lot.

My husband, daughter and I have now been in our home for five months. We LOVE it!!

Thank you Janice and Wendell for helping Gordon and I find the perfect home for our family. You both are truly amazing!!

Melanie Dickison



Janice and Wendell I am glad I met this to person very approachable and answer it your question what ever it is. definitely I will recommend this also to my friends and relatives..

Towne Creek Realty, LLC



Janice and Wendell went above and beyond for us as first time homeowners. We had no idea how anything worked and had tons of questions. They always got back to us promptly and always had the answers to our questions right away. Janice and Wendell made this experience stress free and easy for our family. We felt very comfortable with them and it was fun. Janice and Wendell are highly recommended, if you’re looking to buy or sell call them!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Amanda T.



2013年的时候,我们全家申请了加拿大New Brunswik省的商业投资移民。年底的时候,我去考察了该省的几个城市,被St. John这个城市的风貌所吸引,当时我就决定如果移民能够成功的话,我将会在这个城市安家。
直到2017年六月的时候,我收到了加拿大移民局的最终答复:我们全家移民成功了。等了差不多四年了,我们迫不及待地想要在St. John定居。之前,我在微信上认识了一些在St. John居住了好几年的老移民,他们给我提供了一些买房的信息,并建议我找当地的房地产中介,这其中便有朋友介绍了Janice Purdy女士。Janice是一位资深房地产经纪人,做事非常认真而且有效率。她的房地产信息更新非常快,发送也非常准时。我可以实时关注到当地的房产信息。在浏览的过程中,我被其中的不少房子所吸引,虽然我人在上海,但是我真的想立刻买一套心仪的房子,以便我到了加拿大能够尽快地住进属于我自己的新居。
Janice其实不是一个人在奋斗,她还有一个小团队:律师Richard和Scotia Bank的Lori。律师和银行负责贷款的人是加拿大购房过程中必不可少的。Richard会讲中文,这样沟通起来会非常顺畅,而且他跟我讲了许多他的经历以及他对许多St. John的现状的看法,真的是心里话,很是中肯。而Lori的贷款速度是非常快的。在买房的过程中,他们三个人会在网上跟我开会,讨论购房流程和进程。所以在国内的时候,我的房子基本上已经定下来,并且验了房,付了订金,只等着我去加拿大办理后续的交接了。
八月份的时候,我们一家终于来到了St. John,当面见到了Janice、Richard和Lori,他们热情地接待了我们。当我们一家来到我们在加拿大的新居的时候,我们感觉到这一切真的是太美好了。邻居们对于我们这一段在网上同Janice沟通并买房的经历感到非常不可思议,同时他们由衷地感叹我家的这套房子真的是买对了,因为的确很不错啊,周围环境好,房子本身也很好!
Chris Zhang 张勇 2017年9月2日

Chris Zhang



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